Kold Creature's ideas came together with the songwriting archives of Chris Ross who had been recording ideas for years on his own though the name Kold Creature had not yet stuck at this stage.


He then planned to recruit a second gutarist, a bassist, a drummer and a vocalist although Chris had sung before, but wanted to only concentrate on technical guitar riffs. After looking for a few vocalists and hearing alot of styles that didnt suit, Chris decided to step up as frontman although he knew there were many challenges ahead with what had aready been written and structured lyricaly.


By 2013 Lyndon Joined the band as second lead guitarist. The two members were completely blown away by Lyndons abilitys on his axe as he was only 20 years old.


In late 2013 after performing at a artist open day which happened to be their first live audience gig, they were approached by Patrick Stevens, a keen bass player/drummer who was watching the set.

He said "If you guys need another drummer bassist or whatever, I want to be in your band!"


Patrick was then contacted a few weeks later and was instantly a dedicated member of the band choosing the bass over the drums.


Last of all, Kold Creature needed a kick ass backbone of a drummer to complete the lineup. After several auditions that were not working out through 2014, the band stumbled upon Brent Harman in November who had an outstanding dedication to his instrument and just fit in with the grooves instantly.